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SuperFax Broadcast 365 Easy to set up professional fax broadcasting software throughout an office.
The ideal product for all your fax broadcasting needs for Insurance, Legal and medical profession.

Key Features:

  • Generate Password protected PDF Files from incoming faxes, in order to be Hippa compliant
  • Fax from any windows application by printing to our Fax Printer
  • Receive & Forward faxes , receives faxes, forward faxes.
  • Fax Broadcasts/Mailshots using CSV files.
  • Built in PhoneBook with Import of contacts using CSV files.
  • Sign a fax and E-mail it back without ever having to print it!
  • All features available on the Fax server PC as well as the workstations.
  • Easy to install just requires a fax modem and phone line
  • Version with 4 lines available
  • Cover page editor to create your own custom cover pages and corporate logo!
Additional Features:
  • Supports multiple fax lines for larger or busier offices. The central server takes care of the scheduling, and can parallel process multiple faxes when broadcasting if more than 1 line is available.
  • Network SuperFax server works with most fax modems supported by Windows XP or later, however we strongly recommend MultiTech range of Modems.
  • Fax Scheduling .. send a fax straight away, or at a later time for maximum impact
  • E-Mail your fax! This way you can annotate, sign and datestamp a fax document, and return it by fax or just email. A Huge time saver!
  • Supports High End Multi Page Scanners from HP Digital Sender Series 9000.

Example Case Scenarios for SuperFax Broadcast:

  • You need to sign and fax back a multi page document or fill out a form. Whether received by email or fax you can do all this with the Viewer and our NEW signing features without having to print to paper!
  • Ideal for Real Estate Offices and Law Firms who need to sign documents and email them or fax them by return without first printing out!
Product Pricing
SuperFax Broadcast 365 - 1 Line
USD 99.00
SuperFax Broadcast 365 - 4 Lines
USD 499.00

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