Software Activation / Registering

Here you can activate and register your software. If you forgot your activation key and want to retrieve this, 
then please enter the serial number of the software and the security code given by the computer. 
If these 2 items match with the information you supplied before then the activation code will be re-issued to you.

Please note that once you activated the software to a particular machine you can no longer use the serial number on another machine. 
If you want to use the software on multiple machines you need to purchase multiple copies.

Please Note:
If your Serial Number is not an 25 Digit Serialnumber as described in step 1 -
(This would be when you own a copy of SuperVoice 2.5 or earlier, SuperFax 6.0 or earlier then please upgrade to the latest version) 

Step 1:  Please enter your Serial Number

Serial Number Enter the serial number in the format like: 12345-12345-12345-12345-12345

The Serial Number has been issued to you when you purchased a copy of the software. 

Step 2:  Please enter your Security Code

Security Code Enter the security code in the format like: 1234-1234-1234-1234
The Security Code is a code generated by the software you buy when it is installed. 
You can find this on the authorization screen of the software product you want to activate. 
You can copy this directly from the authorization screen into the security code box on this screen.

Step 3:  Please complete the following contact information
(Important: None of the information you enter will be traded or sold. It is kept strictly confidential so that we may serve you better.)

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Step 4:  Retrieve your Activation Code


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