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In the business world in particular, we are drowning in messages.  To make matters worse, they are scattered around in many different locations.  Voice mail can be retrieved only from a phone, E-mail is accessible only from a PC, and Faxes sit in the machine until you have a chance to grab them.  Such diversified communication makes it difficult to communicate both internally with employees, and externally with business clients. 

A total communication solution software consolidating today's most widely used communication tools into one single channel.  

This software will provide quality and flexibility for all your business demands.  This system is versatile, expandable and best of all user friendly.  The system easily expands to grow with your business with simple System Inter Connection capability to ensure long-lasting support. 

SuperVoice Pro 11.0 has packed even more features than the previous versions of SuperVoice Pro!! 

Features of SuperVoice Pro 11.0
  • New: SuperVoice Pro 11 Supports Windows 10
    SuperVoice Pro supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home / Pro / MCE, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • New: Get your VoIP messages that arrive by email!
    Now you can also retrieve your messages in SuperVoice that are sent to you by other VoIP Telephone providers. Currently we support Sipphone and Gizmo project, but more are to come.
    When you receive messages you can use the whole set of notification features like paging and Voice notification, or even forward it to another email address.
  • New: More notification features when voice messages arrive in the mailbox
    When you SuperVoice Pro calls you to let you know a voice message was left, you can listen to it straight away, you no longer have to call back.
  • New: Improved System Operator
    You now can sound a different alert on your speakers depending on the mailbox where the caller wants personal attention of.
  • New: Voice to email forwarding now with PCM wave files
    All Voice to email forwarding are now send as PCM wave files, which playback is supported on almost any pc and mobile computer / PDA.
  • New: Text to Speech!
    Create your voice files using our Text to Speech functionality, available for Windows 98 and upwards
  • New: Improved export features
    You can now save your received faxes as a PDF document.
  • New: Forward faxes as PDF Files
    You can now choose if you want to automatically forward incoming faxes as PDF or TIFF documents.
  • New: Support for SSL mail servers
    You can now forward incoming faxes and voice files using mail servers that need SSL, for example Gmail accounts.
  • New: Improved scanner support
    Scans documents using most twain scanners and fax them out or export to PDF files!
  • Allows user to record telephone conversation
  • Supports different greetings for different callers based on Caller ID information
  • Automatically forward your voice mail and faxes to your e-mail account. 
  • Enhanced 1-Level Tree Script support Remote caller can now access directly to a specified mailbox (extension)
    without another voice prompt  
  • More selections are available for each leaf of a tree script.
  • Supports  Group Mailboxes - a caller can leave a message to a group mailbox and everyone who belongs to this mailbox will receive the message
  • Supports Urgent Group Mailboxes - a caller can leave a urgent message to a Urgent Group Mailboxes and everyone who belongs to this mailbox will be notified by phone call, pager or email.
  • Allows more notification features when voice message arrives in the mailbox
  • Supports email using MAPI protocol.
  • Increase the number of entries allowed in the phone book.
  • Supports office open/close greetings
  • Log record in message log even caller does not leave a message provided the Caller ID information is available.
  • Allows user to customize cover sheet for faxing
  • Allows sending faxes using calling card
  • Supports more modem chipsets
  • Supports more voice parameters control
  • Supports PBX transfer, transfer your incoming calls to extensions on your switchboard or to an external line, for example a cell phone.
Product Pricing
SuperVoice Pro 11.0 - Full Version
USD 99.00
SuperVoice Pro 11.0 - Upgrade from any SuperVoice / SuperFax
USD 39.00
SuperVoice Pro 11.0 - Upgrade SuperVoice from Pro 9
USD 29.95

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